18 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen

Durable, affordable and incredibly versatile, these spaces prove wood countertops bring a sense of balance to a variety of different design styles.

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Butcher block isn't just for chopping vegetables anymore. Now, natural-wood countertops are giving granite, marble, and quartz a run for their money as one of the top design finishes for the kitchen. According to Houzz's 2017 Kitchen Trends Study, butcher block or wood slab is the third most popular countertop material for renovators and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for younger homeowners. While its durability and affordability are definitely selling points, wood’s wide range of looks from edgy to polished to rustic makes it even more appealing. Here, we’ll show you just how wow-worthy wood countertops can be for every design style.

 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen farmhouse and transitional
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Wood countertops add roughness in a modern farmhouse kitchen to balance out more polished elements like white walls and a glazed subway tile backsplash. While natural wood requires a little extra upkeep, the payoff is big—it gives the room a natural focal point.

A rich teak or dark walnut adds a touch of the unexpected but still has a classic look that will hold up against constantly changing decorating trends. In a kitchen that falls somewhere between modern and traditional, this countertop perfectly marries the two.

Clean lines and flat-panel cabinets look sophisticated but not sterile when balanced by welcoming wood texture. The design choice is also incredibly budget-friendly so you can spend your extra cash on the six-burner stove you've been eyeing but couldn't fit into the original renovation budget.

 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen glam and country
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In a space that exudes light, feminine style, these edgy countertops bring the sweet aesthetic down to earth. A marble backsplash juxtaposes the casual vibe of wood and there's something incredibly chic about how marble’s veins and wood’s grains play off each other.

French Country
Nothing says French Country style quite like a whitewashed wood surface. In the kitchen, this distressed look pairs with elegant touches like a chandelier, and blue and white porcelain embodies the comfort-meets-polished aesthetic shabby chic is all about.

 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen boho and eclectic
Photography by Lauren Levinson via Time Out New York

Embracing wood countertops in a boho-style kitchen is like filling the space with plants—it just makes sense. Wood’s carefree vibe and texture fit the aesthetic, while bright colored accents and colorful printed rugs give the space its signature look.

A lively ceramic tile backsplash steals the spotlight when it's not competing for attention with luxurious stone countertops. Here are some of our favorite colored kitchen backsplashes to give your kitchen an unexpected touch. 

Distressed wood further adds to the laid back, cozy aesthetic of a rustic home. Knife nicks and scratches add character since this style embraces imperfections. For an even more rugged look, a live edge counter really brings the outdoorsy feeling while adding lots of visual interest to your kitchen décor.  

 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen scandinavian meets contemporary
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Light stained wood like white oak or white-washed pine fits stunningly into the restrained palette of Scandinavian design. Adding plush fabrics—like sheepskin stools—ups the cozy relaxation factor.

Casual and carefree, coastal homes are a great place to utilize not-too-precious natural wood countertops. End-grain butcher block hides blade marks so it's just as low maintenance as your weekend at the beach.

Popular glossy backsplashes are enhanced by this countertop choice since the glass reflects the warm glow of the wood.

Steel, concrete, and glass need some toning down so they appear less laboratory-like. That's where wood countertops come in: The earthy texture is an excellent way to warm up the space. 

Bright White
Part luxe, part laid-back, this stunning combination is one we’re sure you'll keep around for a while. Cool white walls help brighten the space, but the organic elements make it more casual and welcoming so guests will feel right at home around the table.

 moody kitchen Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen

Black and navy kitchen cabinets are taking off in the home decorating world, which is good news for butcher block. These rich shades play well with wood, which warms up the dramatic color scheme. Dark-stained wood plays up the moody atmosphere, while a light color choice adds contrast.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen
Sustainable, salvaged wood is an easy choice to put in an environmentally conscious home. Bamboo is an excellent choice because it grows quickly so it’s more renewable, and it doubles as a great cutting surface.

Exposed cabinetry and hanging pots and pans fill these pared-down kitchens with lots of personality. Statement-making countertops aren’t quite right for the no-frills look. Instead, plywood or salvaged pine easily nail the less-is-more atmosphere.

 Stunning Wood Countertops to Warm Up Any Kitchen DIY

After all this talk of how wood countertops work beautifully in any style home, you might be feeling inspired. Here's how you can DIY wood countertops for a personalized, cost-effective kitchen makeover:

- Follow HGTV’s guide to do-it-yourself butcher block countertops.
- Check out On Bliss Street’s $200 wood countertop tutorial.
- Try an easy reclaimed wood DIY.

Published on February 02, 2017 - 5:00am EST

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