This Photographer Has Captured Over 500 Weddings

Jesse Chamberlin Marble shares some of her memorable moments behind the lens.

 Coordinated Bridesmaids Dresses Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

Jesse Chamberlin Marble has shot over 500 weddings, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Her photographs are evocative, emotional, and rich in detail—partially, she admits—due to the fact that much of her clientele are creatives.

“They’re well aware that you don’t need to stick within the boundaries and rules of modern day weddings,” she says. “This makes my job exciting, and keeps me attached to taking great photos.”

Read on to discover some of Marble’s personal favorite shots.

“I almost fainted at the sight of this beautiful palette. The bride coordinated these dresses and the result is really impressive.”

Candid Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“This couple is a pair of well-known artists. Todd hand-painted all of their wedding invites, and they had an intimate wedding in their house perched on a mountain—and filled every square foot with their 60 guests.” 

 Wedding Photography Ideas of the Married Couple
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

"These two grooms had spent years in the headlines as two of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case that overturned California Proposition eight and paved the way for same-sex marriage in the state. The energy of this wedding was like nothing else I’ve ever felt. They symbolized a new freedom and a proper right for so many couples in love.”

Photographer Jesse Marble Shares Her Top Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

"Not one dull moment with Marchelle and Ian. Not a single one. The Parker, The Ace, kilts, hot red lips, bagpipes, an owl, a hawk, a Flight of the Conchords performance, dance lessons, Smilebooth, great toasts, delivery of hundreds of roses as thank you's... oh, and a lot of love.”

 Wedding Photography Ideas of the Bride and Groom
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“This wonderful couple got married on a cliff in Martha's Vineyard—one of my favorite places in the world. A perk was shooting from the lighthouse."

Wedding Photography Ideas for the Desert
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“This couple got married out in the middle of the desert with only two of their friends and a Mariachi band.” 

 Candid Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“Chris and Cody got married in San Miguel, Mexico. Over the years we’ve developed a very close relationship to the planners Bash Please, who made this wedding so magical by finding the best local vendors—including a parakeet that could tell your future.” 

 Wedding Photography Ideas On A Beach
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“They got married at a property in West Virginia owned by their grandmother, a place they visited every year.” 

 Light-Filled Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“Erin and Miles got married in Mexico….a perfect canvas for lovely photos.”

Bride Getting Ready Wedding Photography Ideas
Photography by JESSE MARBLE

“Cammy and Nick can throw one wild party. They got married on their parents’ property on a lake. The fireworks were epic!”

Check out more of Jesse’s work at, and view her wedding-specific work at Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!

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Published on September 20, 2017 - 11:00am EDT

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