3 Foolproof Home Hacks From a Top Design Blogger

Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals shares her favorite home decor DIYs—and they’re genius.

home decor diy faux wallpaper

We have lost countless hours of our lives scrolling Pinterest in search of affordable DIYs and chic, useful home decor hacks, but the plus side? We know who to turn to when we need some inspiration and a few ideas for a new project. One of our favorite DIY masterminds is Mandi Gubler, the creative founder of design blog Vintage Revivals.

We asked her to share three of her favorite—not to mention foolproof—home hacks, and she didn’t disappoint. These are simple, stylish ways to upgrade your home this weekend... no contractor required.

Faux Wallpaper with a Sharpie
Thanks to Gubler, you can get the custom wallpaper look at home for less than $10.

“Just use a Sharpie paint pen to draw intricate designs directly on your wall,” she says. “People will not believe that it’s not real wallpaper!”

Not the best artist? Gubler suggests picking a straight-lined pattern, or even a stencil that can be measured out in pencil beforehand.

home decor diy plant trellis wall

Plant Trellis Wall
Looking for an inexpensive way to forge your very own indoor garden? Gubler has you covered.

All you need is a couple of long boards, a tape measure, leather strips, and some cute potted plants to turn an empty wall into your own personal greenhouse. “It’s such a fun way to add a living wall to your home,” Gubler says.

home decor diy concrete floors

Painted Concrete Floors
Not a fan of your home’s current flooring? Fret not, my friends: Gubler has a plan.

“Concrete paint—especially heavy duty ones for porches and patios that are formulated to withstand daily wear and tear—can work wonders on unattractive floors,” she explains. “If you’re dealing with horrendous carpet, bad tile, or a gnarly wood floor, just rip it out and cover your bare floor with a crisp coat of concrete paint for a fresh look.”

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Published on July 25, 2017 - 4:20pm EDT

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