Yes, These Underwater Homes are Real

The Dubai villas are set to be completed in 2018.

dubai underwater villa bathroom
Photography by THE HEART OF EUROPE

Water has an incredibly soothing quality—the tranquility of the clear blue sea just can’t be replicated. But what if you could actually live underwater and experience that same idyllic feeling year round?

Well, if you’re willing to invest a pretty hefty penny, you can: Forty glass-walled, underwater villas are being created off the coast of Dubai, and they’re set for completion by 2018. They’re part of The Heart of Europe Holiday Resort, which spreads across six man-made islands around the area, and is only accessible by boat, plane, or helicopter.

Each villa will span 4,000 square feet and consist of three floors—two above water, and one below. The top levels will be ideal for outdoor entertaining, sunbathing, and relaxing, but the livable quarters below are what really caught our attention—the scenery is simply unbelievable. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide an unparalleled view of the clear blue waters, and the developers say that those buying the homes will get to observe seahorses swimming around and breeding in their natural environment, the Arabian Gulf.


 dubai underwater villa living room
Photography by THE HEART OF EUROPE

The feel of the space is as majestic as its price tag—$2.57 million, in case you were curious—and boasts luxe elements such as hardwood walls and floors, an outdoor patio deck, a modern, en-suite bathroom with marble floors and metal finishings, and a living and dining area with a top-level view of the turquoise waters. The theme is clearly maximalist luxe, which works just fine in such an over-the-top environment.

The contractors behind the project—JK Bauen Building Contracting, Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co. Ltd, and Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co. Ltd—have also worked on the details to make the space as green as possible. There’ll be specialized insulation around the doors and windows, which will conserve 70 percent of electricity output. The contractors will also be creating a coral nursery, which will host 100,000 natural corals and cover a surface area of over 5 million square feet. Basically, this is as close to living in an aquarium as you can get.

Check out more images below, and on the company’s official website.

 dubai underwater villa bedroom
Photography by THE HEART OF EUROPE
 dubai underwater villa view
Photography by THE HEART OF EUROPE
Published on August 17, 2017 - 3:00pm EDT

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