1 Item, 3 Ways: A Versatile Wall Shelf

How to use a brass triangle shelf as a centerpiece, desktop organizer, or in the kitchen.


We love a good piece with versatility at its core. Throw in an affordable price point and we're sold. Enter Umbra's ultra chic and streamlined wall shelf - it comes available in both a brass and copper finish - and is virtually versatile enough to function within a variety of spaces and instances. Take a look at a few of the clever ways (if we may say so ourselves) that we utilized the piece. 


A Centerpiece
No table is complete sans a vibrant centerpiece, preferably one that comes with a bold floral display. The gridded composition of the Strum shelf makes for the ideal structure to layer in with florals. Set the piece on a flat plat or board, and affix it with clear tape. Fill the holes in with florals of your choice - we opted for a combination of peonies and filler greens. Use floral tape to adhere the stems to the grid, and fill to your desired finish.

Need help? Here's how to create the ultimate, asymmetrical bouquet.  


A Desktop Organizer
Placed face-down, the shelf can easily sit atop a desk and hold a variety of books and accessories. Its slatted features can hold a surprising amount of items, and will instantly clear up your desktop clutter. 


The Kitchen Shelf
Utilized more along the lines of its purpose, the shelf can be easily adhered to the wall and used to hold a handful of cookbooks. We even added in some "S" hooks at the base, to hold a few cooking utensils!

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Published on May 15, 2017 - 7:00am EDT

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