Clothesline Photo Display


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  •  Overview

    We think that boring designs have been the norm for too long. We need designs that make us feel light and happy and exuberant and for that we turn to one of our favorite design houses: Umbra. Umbra makes quirky and fun designs that we can't get enough of. They know how to take every day objects and give them an extra bit of flare to make it one of a kind. These new takes on old and frumpy ideas are little pieces that spice up your spaces in big ways. We're tired of boring pieces that don't say anything. Say something, and say it loudly, with Umbra.

    Get rid of all your old and boring picture frames. We can't think of anything more tired and overdone than a plain old picture frames you can get from any craft store. Monotone and clinical, we forget about these so often, we don't even take the stock photos out. It's time for a new way to display your photos: the Clothesline Photo Display. Part shadowbox, part timeline, this "picture frame" strings together all your memories in a beautiful and striking white frame.  There's nothing better than getting to share your memories with the people closest to you and now you can share everything in statement making style. Say something with the Clothesline Photo Display.

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  •  Details & Dimensions