You Can Now Test Drive Your Art

Yes, really. Thanks to Twyla!

Twyla 30 Day Test Drive Elena Lyakir Art
Photography by @TWYLA

Looking to invest in some new art? We know of just the place: Twyla. Think cool, contemporary art you can’t get anywhere else. They sell limited-edition works by artists that show at world-renowned museums and galleries like Whitney Museum of American Art, The Guggenheim, LACMA and more… And now you can test drive these pieces in your home before officially committing. It’s kind of like a first date, but 30 days long.

Twyla 30 Day Test Drive Michael Hambouz Art
Photography by @TWYLA

Here’s the deal. You pay $30 to get the chance to test drive any piece of art for 30 days—all with the same museum-quality framing and installation (in select cities) you would receive if you were simply buying the art. If after the 30 days you decide you love it and aren’t ready to part ways, you will be charged the remaining cost. If that isn’t the case, just let Twyla know you’re not interested in keeping the art before 30 days pass and they’ll pick it up, free of charge.

Browse the various styles of art Twyla has to offer at (including the first and second works of art featured above!).

Published on March 02, 2017 - 5:00am EST

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