True 2.5" Neptune Silicone Ice Tray

True Brands

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  •  Overview

    We may like design here at Domino, but we know what's truly important in life: friends, family and the connections we form with those around us. What we love most is when those two things meet--connections forged in spaces that make us feel at home and at peace and bonds built around pieces that keep the good times rolling. For that we turn to our favorite barware maker, True Brands. They're unique and durable barware pieces are made to keep the party going. Have the most fun and enjoy every moment with the people you love the most. Live your best life with True Brands.

    Normal ice is fine, if you're willing to settle for second best, but if you want your drinks to be top of the live, you need to bring something special to the party. In moments like these we like to turn to our favorite type of ice: ice spheres and to make these spheres, we use the Neptune Silicone Tray. Simply fill up the two spherical molds with water, put the molds in the freezer and before you know it, you'll have beautiful ice spheres adorning your glass. Not only do these spheres look awesome, but they also melt slower than normal ice cubes so your drink won't be diluted as quickly. Live your best life with the Neptune Silicone Tray by True Brands.
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