3 Easy Ways to Disconnect on Your Next Trip

Why you should ditch the GPS and travel light.

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Photography by LéA MAUPETIT

Call me a fossil, but in this age when literally everything is instantaneous, I feel nostalgic for the bygone golden era of Pullman sleeping cars and transatlantic ocean liners. I’ve journeyed by rail on the Orient Express and South Africa’s Blue Train, and taken more cruises than I can count—from sailing through the Philippines to hopping aboard a Cunard cruise and spotting fellow passengers Wes Anderson and Tilda Swinton (seriously).

Because a few decades ago, travel wasn’t just about how to get from point A to point B: It was as much about the glamour of the journey and the art of the long arrival. Here are my top tips for disconnecting and dialing it down on your next summer trip. 

To Wheelie or Not to Wheelie
The latter, always. Hauling your own luggage is an incentive to pack light. Some of the weekender bags worth their weight? The monogrammed Savanna safari bag ($999) from Very Troubled Child, the iconic Express No. 2 khaki twill carry-on ($1,595) by Ghurka, and Paravel’s newly launched waterproof canvas Grand Tour duffel ($355).
Maps, Not Apps
Plan your road trip the lo-fi way by picking up a giant fold-out map. A Rand McNally route atlas will give you the big picture. Plus, who needs Waze interrupting your playlist? Paperless is so overrated.
Dial It Down
Leave your cell at home and disconnect with the Light Phone: a credit card–size second phone that lets you make and receive calls (and only accomplish those two tasks) using your same number. Because you should be taking in the scenery, not furiously updating that Instagram Story.

Published on August 10, 2017 - 12:30pm EDT

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