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  •  Overview

    A simple way to make sense of the way you sleep. Our Sleeptracker Monitor analyzes your sleep cycles, breathing rate, heart rate and movement to offer personalized suggestions for better sleep.

    • From breathing patterns to heart rate and body movements, our Sleeptracker Monitor turns streams of sensor data into useful sleep information for one or two sleepers to help you understand your sleep over time.
    • Whether youre in light sleep, deep sleep or REM, our Sleeptracker Monitor knows how much time you spend in each stage and offers feedback and tips to help you progress each night.
    • Our Sleeptracker Monitor smart alarm system will wake you up at just the right time in your sleep cycle, usually in the light stage of sleep, so you step out of bed rested and ready.
    • With access to daily, weekly and monthly metrics plus sleep trends, youll be able to keep an eye on your short and long term habits to get a clear understanding of how you sleep, and how to improve.
    • While wrist-worn wearables must be worn on the wrist and charged regularly, the Sleeptracker Monitor is completely non-invasive, never needs to be recharged, lives under your mattress so you never see it, and works with any foundation, platform, solid or wooden slat bases.

    Sleep Analysis for Two - Continuously and accurately record separate data for one or two sleepers.
    Personalized Insights - Get personalized feedback daily to help improve your sleep.
    Smart Home Integration - Sync the iOS/Android Sleeptracker Monitor app with Alexa.
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