Thimblepress Confetti Push-Pop


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  •  Overview

    Dazzle the world in confetti with the Push-Pop Confetti Launcher! A kid safe way to enjoy any celebration where confetti is required and lets be honest, confetti is always required. The confetti launcher has the Domino seal of awesome stamped all over it. What could be more fun then launching an explosion color into the air, or at your friend or even at your dog!? Its the perfect way to add a splash of pizazz to any situation.

    Please note there is no fire-power in this product. It is a simple machine. You must, as we like to say, serve it like a volleyball after taking the lid off. The best method for confetti flying fun is to hit the stick on the middle of the palm of your hand. We recommend taking the lid off so that you can save it for future use of the food-safe container. One cannot simply take the lid off and wait for it to explode.

    1.5 x 7.5 (including handle)
    Reusable, food-safe container
    Hand-printed & packaged
    a mix of hand-cut paper shapes & metallic foil shapes
    Packaging printed by hand using a 1925 Chandler + Price platen letterpress in Jackson, MS, USA
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