The Bachelor Now Has Its Own Line Of Wines, Obviously

Talk about a sensible pairing, right?

 the bachelor wines

photography by BACHELOR WINES

When it comes to marketing your product, getting consumers excited for a release, it’s good to tap into a thing called “synergy.” This means making sure two things are totally, completely aligned and feel right together, even if they aren’t directly related. An example: A new line of affordable, drinkable wines inspired by The Bachelor. Yep, talk about “knowing your audience.”

Bachelor Wines, which has no official ties to the show, has three thematic vinos for those who like to sip and watch drama unfold. All made from Californian grapes, the Chardonnay is cheekily called “One on One,” a Cabernet Sauvignon becomes “The Fantasy Suite,” and of course, there is “The Final Rosé.” Since the wines don’t ship until December 14 (perfect for the new season, which starts January 2), so we haven’t tasted them, but here’s the bonus: If they aren’t great, the bottles can be a guilty pleasure. If they are tasty, well, then they can also be a guilty pleasure. Either way, we win—which is more than most Bachelor contestants can say.

Available at Bachelor Wines

Published on December 07, 2016 - 12:00pm EST

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