Inside the NYC Bakery Currently Taking Over Instagram

The treats at Supermoon Bakehouse are, unsurprisingly, out of this world.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

What exactly does it take to win the title “Instagram-worthy”? Take one step inside Supermoon Bakehouse—NYC’s hottest new bakery—and you’ll quickly get a sense of what it means to create a viral space. Helmed by self-professed “weirdoughs” Ry Stephen and Aron Tzimas (the same co-founders behind the popular San Francisco-based bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse), Supermoon made its official debut in Manhattan’s Lower East Side this past fall.

Since their East Coast arrival, the baking-branding power duo has continued to charm the feeds of hungry millennials with their photo-ready pastries and equally-eye-catching LES storefront, where cheeky neon signs, pink terrazzo, and trippy take-out boxes are the norm.

While loved for their decadently filled croissants and doughnuts, it was the cruffin—a treat made from the contents of a croissant, baked like a muffin, and dusted lightly with sugar—that ultimately elevated the Aussie team to social media stardom. Their famous hybrid pastry and other inventive bites can be credited to Stephen, a revered baker who kickstarted his career in Melbourne. The store’s playful interiors, however? That was all Tzimas.

With a background in branding and graphic design, Tzimas’ elevated eye for photogenic spaces and catchy taglines set the scene for Stephen’s edible art.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Supermoon’s famous emblem—a super friendly upside down smiley face—marks the store’s front entrance. Inside, the same subtle humor undercuts the bakery’s seemingly minimalist aesthetic. Amidst blush pink counters and raw concrete walls, a photo-ready vignette proclaiming “Bite Me NYC” is practically asking to be posted to your Instagram or Snapchat stories. If whimsical desserts, punny messages, and hot pink neon don’t ignite FOMO, what will?

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Before settling on treat, newcomers can start by feasting their eyes on the shop’s visual menu. Choosing to forgo a more traditional set up in exchange for a purely minimalist display, their basic approach lets customers choose their baked good based solely on attraction. Think of it like speed dating, but with an even sweeter ending.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea
Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Colorful terrazzo surfaces and simple seating give the tiny shop its retro, yet reserved, feel. 

Aside from sweet and sugary offerings, like their coconut, chocolate, and caramel bi-colored croissant or orange creamsicle donut (two items that are currently on the menu), customers can also expect savory bites. Yes, you can bet that America’s favorite ham and cheese combo tastes ten times better when tucked inside a crispy, twice-baked croissant.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Cruffins or no cruffins, even those with little to no appetite will feel tempted to snag one of Supermoon’s stellar to-go boxes. The semi-celestial, iridescent packages are reason alone to indulge in a second or third treat later on in the day. Inside, a sly message reading “Stay wild, moon child” serves as a reminder to always follow your heart—er, taste buds.

“I’m in love with our pastry boxes,” Tzimas wrote on Instagram. “They were basically designed two years ago and it’s killed me to have waited so long to finally show them off!” And if their supernatural boxes don’t quite speak to you, maybe their brand new to-go baggies will. The bakery recently unveiled their latest portable packages, and we can’t help but wonder if they’ll soon become 2018's hottest accessory of the year.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

So what do you absolutely need to eat when you go? While known for their cruffins, the banana split sundae twice-baked croissant is the bakery’s most popular pick of the moment. Filled with caramelized sous vide banana, chocolate almond creme, banana caramel sauce, and vanilla creme patisserie and topped with chocolate fudge, dehydrated banana, and whipped cream bulbs, the super sweet pastry has sold out every single day since the shop has opened.

Locals, on the other hand, might feel obliged to give their NYC-inspired croissant, which comes filled with lox, cream, cheese, and capers, a go.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Supermoon Bakehouse is located at 120 Rivington Street and is open Monday through Sunday. You can get the full details on their store hours, catering information, and wholesale opportunities here. Or, if you just want to remind yourself each day that dieting is overrated, add their decadent treats to your Instagram feed.

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Published on March 09, 2018 - 5:15am EST

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