A Festive Wreath You Can Easily Make in 10 Minutes

Plus, you can keep it up long after the holidays are over.

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

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So many holiday decorations go heavy on the classic white and green look, which is always fun and festive, but it means they start to look out of places just a couple weeks after Christmas. To keep extend the display life of your holiday decor, go for something a little more timeless, like this elegant minimalist wreath.

This simple wreath has been making a statement on my front door this holiday season (even the UPS guy said he loved it!), and it’s easy enough that you can whip it together Christmas Eve, before your guests arrive. All it takes are a few items and about 10 minutes. It also makes for a unique and thoughtful hostess gift.

What You’ll Need

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

1. Cut greenery stems and wrap each stem with a short piece of floral wire to hold the weight of it to the hoop.

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

2. Repeat the above until you have the look you want. I used about five stems as I wanted to keep my wreath looking minimalist. Add more if you want a fuller look. 

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

3. Add the dried lagurus.

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

4. Cut the ribbon and tie a bow at the top of the the hoop, and your wreath is complete!

photography by ANNETTE VARTANIAN

Published on December 22, 2017 - 5:05am EST

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