SF Girl By Bay Shares a Tiny Apartment That’s #SoDomino

Small space living tips from Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay.

 sf girl by bay white open shelving with plant
Photography by KRISTA KELTANEN

When we think of what epitomizes Domino, Victoria Smith, creator of SF Girl By Bay, has it in spades. She pairs a keen eye for design trends with the ability to mix high and low for maximum impact at an affordable price. She curates only the most beautiful spaces on her site, and we’re sharing some of her favorites.  

Helsinki-based stylist and interior designer Laura Seppanen used natural materials like wood, rattan, flax, and wool to create a beautiful space for a young woman who owns a flower shop. The tiny apartment was built into a shipping container, yet it feels so much more spacious.

Seppanen used a minimalist black, white, and gray color palette to create a space that’s both cohesive and stylish, while natural accents keep it from feeling cold. 

 sf girl by bay gray kitchen cabinets
Photography by KRISTA KELTANEN

The neutral scheme continues in the kitchen where sleek cabinetry provides maximum functionality. 

 sf girl by bay white nook with gray and black chair
Photography by KRISTA KELTANEN

A great chair and an eye-catching piece of art make for an ideal reading nook.

 sf girl by bay white bedroom with gray drapes and chair
Photography by KRISTA KELTANEN

In an apartment this small, the bed needs to double as seating. A few carefully selected accessories add texture and personality.

For more, check out the full story on sfgirlbybay.com.
Design by Laura Seppanen. Photos by Krista Keltanen.

Published on November 02, 2016 - 5:00am EDT

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