Rebecca Atwood’s New Beach-Inspired Collection Is Giving Us Life

The designer’s latest line features intricately-woven patterns infused with all the elements of an ocean setting.

Rebecca Atwood’s Spring 2017 Collection Will Make You Miss The Beach
Photography by EMILY JOHNSTON

For the majority of us, it's still a little too cold for a trip to the beach, but Rebecca Atwood’s Spring 2017 collection seeks to transport you there through dreamy ocean-inspired textiles.

Inspired by her childhood in Cape Cod, Atwood drew from elements from the beach during off-season. The graphic nature of a winter beach, which comes with dramatic shadows and moody colors, is present throughout the collection in the patterns and stitching style. Meant to symbolize marking the time and days passing until summer, Atwood used simple stitches (“sashiko”, a Japanese stitching technique) in her designs.

 Rebecca Atwood Spring 2017: textiles
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

The collection features both fabric-by-the-yard and pillows, and includes six designs in multiple colorways. Marble, shashiko wave, shashiko stitch, cut up dot, quilted circles, tidal wave, and metallic are all inspired from various elements of the ocean. From invoking the constantly-changing nature of the coastal landscape (marble) to representing the relationship between the moon and the tides (quilted circles) to alluding to the duality of the sun setting and moon rising via reversible fabrics (cut up dot), this line is sure to add beachy elements to any space.

 Rebecca Atwood Spring 2017 Collection: Wave Print
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

Missing the ocean right about now? The new collection is now available for purchase online.

Published on March 14, 2017 - 12:00pm EDT

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