A 'Pioneer Woman' Hotel Is Officially In the Works

No, you're screaming.

 The Pioneer Woman Is Opening a Hotel

photography by THE PIONEER WOMAN

Attention, Pioneer Woman fans: Ree Drummond and husband Ladd (otherwise known as “Marlboro Man”) are officially opening a hotel.

The Food Network star, blogger, and lifestyle guru extraordinaire gave fans an insight into a new project via her Instagram account at the end of summer—and now, thanks to an in-depth blog post, we have more information about this exciting new undertaking.

Drummond and her husband are renovating a historical three-story building in their native town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. According to the post, the currently-gutted space is going to become an eight-room hotel “with suites so comfortable and cozy, Marlboro and I are going to want to move into one.”

“We’re already starting to frame in the rooms, and Marlboro Man has already changed the bathrooms based on a hotel he and I stayed in recently,” writes Drummond. “It had the coolest layout for the bathroom! We actually took pictures of it because it was so clever.”

 Ree and Ladd Drummond are opening a hotel

photography by THE PIONEER WOMAN

Another area for which the couple took inspiration from their travels? The balcony/overhang section, which Drummond says is based on something they saw in downtown Houston a few years ago, as well as the famous balconies of New Orleans.

“All I know is, I want to hang ferns from it. Not practical, but I’m rarely practical,” continues Drummond.

We don’t know much about decor specifics, but Drummond referenced the historical significance of the building in her original Instagram, leading us to guess that some of those old-school elements will be kept alive in the new place.

 A First Look at the Pioneer Woman's Hotel

photography by THE PIONEER WOMAN

Published on October 02, 2017 - 3:30pm EDT

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