Personalized Collar Stays

Owen & Fred

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  •  Overview

    A great gift for anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, or the special occasion you two create together, the Personalized Collar Stays are forged and stamped in lustrous 20-gauge brushed nickel and printed with a custom message to the one closest to you. Keep him looking crisp and sharp for the office, after work drinks, family gatherings, and especially that romantic evening out with you. In every situation your love will be the thing keeping him clean and presentable. You're already the force behind his success, why not propel him more with these custom stays?
    In an age of untucked shirts and boat shoes in the office the man that presents himself immaculately and professionally is a rarity and sure to stand out. Sweat the details with the perfect accessory that whispers, I go the extra mile. His stiff collar will be the icing on the cake of his already stylish and spotless look. Not only will you stamp your message on the Custom Collar Stays, but also stamp your affection on his image every time he leaves for work in the morning.
    The Custom Collar Stays are the perfect way to draw the two of you closer together. Whenever he slips these stays in and out of his favorite shirts, he will be reminded of the number one person in his life: the reason he puts in the long hours, the one he sacrifices for, and the one he loves unconditionally and without hesitation.  Solidify your big love for each other with a seemingly small gesture. He wont forget it.
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