Live Like a President in the Obamas’ Old Seaside Escape

This Martha’s Vineyard property was once rented by the First Family.

 Obama's Martha's Vineyard House Just Went On The Market
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

We know we’re deep into all things fall right now, but when a summer seaside retreat with this caliber of prior celebrity tenant opens up, it’s definitely worth checking out. Chilmark House is the 7,000 square foot home dubbed the “2013 Summer White House” that was once rented by none other than the Obamas themselves. And it’s now up for grabs, along with a $17.75 million price tag.

Situated in Martha’s Vineyard, the property does a really great job of blending the area’s signature beachy charm with more modern luxe touches. Massive floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to stream through, providing a view of the surrounding landscape.

The Obama’s Seaside Retreat Just Hit the Market
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

A blend of materials adds an almost eclectic feel, incorporating opulent marble in the bathrooms, concrete in the statement-making fireplaces, and oak paneled floors throughout.


 The Martha’s Vineyard Estate Once Rented by the Obamas Is For Sale
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

Per Sotheby’s, the home was designed to showcase art, which explains the skylit hallways lined with artwork that are almost reminiscent of a gallery. But despite the design-focused intention, the house is far from sterile: It includes many areas to entertain, including a family room, dining room, and outdoor seating area.


 Peek Inside the Obamas' Beach House
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

The home has six bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms, plus a fully-equipped guesthouse. It sits on 9.5 acres and overlooks the ocean from atop a 120-foot vantage point.


 Obama Beach Home For Sale
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

Speaking of the ocean, this estate has panoramic views of the water as well as a private beach and private dock, making it ideal for summer activities. Not feeling a dip in the Atlantic? There’s also a heated infinity pool, a half-basketball court, and a screened-in porch that let you enjoy the outdoors in different ways.


 Obama Martha's Vineyard House for Sale
Photography by SOTHEBY'S

And if all that doesn’t sell you on this oceanfront gem, maybe this will: A photo of the Obamas from 1996 comes with the house. Consider it a signing bonus.

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Published on November 01, 2017 - 5:30am EDT

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