Our Favorite Removable Wallpaper Company Is Launching a Print Shop

Chasing Paper is officially a one-stop shop for all your wall decorating needs.

 Chasing Paper Just Launched a Print Shop
Photography by CHASING PAPER

By now you know that we love a good Chasing Paper print. They’re chic, they’re fun, and best of all, they’re removable. No-commitment decorating has never been easier.

Now, the company is taking trendy wall decor a step further with the launch of their print shop, officially available as of November 3. To create the debut collection, Chasing Paper collaborated with artists such as Emma Darvick and Elizabeth Olwen to form a line of 25 curated prints.

“The collection came about very organically by talking with some of our current artists, pulling in new talent and also creating some in-house based on ideas or words we feel speak to the moment in time this collection will be released,” says Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees.

 Our Favorite Removable Wallpaper Company Is Launching a Print Shop
Photography by CHASING PAPER

Given the current turbulent global political climate, it is clear that this particular moment in time calls for peace and unity. The print collection exemplifies this through calming ombre prints and graphics of a hand holding up the peace sign, even taking it literally with some of the text prints. Phrases like “Come Together” and “All Together Now” are emblazoned across simple backgrounds, encouraging community through art.

In fact, those text prints are some of Rees’ favorites from the collection. “They are words and phrases that kept circling back to me in one way or another and carry a special meaning to me but I believe they are done in a light, fun way,” she tells us.


 Chasing Paper’s Print Shop Is Here (and It’s Affordable!)
Photography by CHASING PAPER

The prints are meant to be striking, ranging in size from 16x20 inches to 24x36 inches. Optional 1.5 inch wood frames are available in black or white, though you can display the artwork frame-less and still create a statement-making moment in your home.

And with prices ranging from $45 to $95, crafting that moment is pretty affordable.

“We want beautiful, impactful prints. I love the idea of creating environments that feel thoughtful and interesting,” says Rees of the inspiration behind launching Chasing Paper’s newest venture. “I have approached the Print Shop with the same attitude as wallpaper, with the belief that interesting and curated art should not feel mass produced or be financially prohibitive. And as always, that good design should be for everyone.”

Published on November 03, 2017 - 5:00am EDT

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