The New MUJI Tiny House Is the Ultimate Minimalist Space

Would you live in a 96-square-foot home?

 New MUJI Tiny Home Is the Ultimate Minimalist Space
Photography by MUJI

There's a new way to take your love of minimalism to a whole new level. MUJI is coming out with a tiny (as in, nine-square-meter tiny) home, and it is what dreams are made of.

Founded in 1980, the Japanese company has now become synonymous with a minimalist lifestyle through its simple, quality products in homeware, apparel, and even food. MUJI first started branching out into houses a few years ago with the launch of its tiny home series. Each mini house was uniquely designed with a variety of building materials, but the brand’s signature simplicity was prevalent in each one.

Now, MUJI is coming out with an entirely new concept. The MUJI Hut is a compact little space whose function is marketed as somewhere between owning a vacation home and going on a trip. According to MUJI, owners of the hut can put it anywhere from the mountains to the ocean to create a personalized oasis. It’s like camping, but much more chic.

 MUJI Unveils New Tiny Home To Fulfill Your Minimalism Dreams
Photography by MUJI

The hut itself comes with a porch and shed roof, which extends the space, allowing it to fit 3-4 people. It also features sliding glass windows that let in all the natural light. The wood of the hut is sourced from Japan - the outer walls are made from burnt cedar using traditional Japanese shipbuilding methods that enhance antiseptic and durability properties. Inside, you’ll find an all-plywood interior left untreated so as to promote customizability.
The MUJI Hut is coming this fall and can be yours for ¥3,000,000 (or just under $27,000). As of right now, it will only be available in Japan.

Published on April 26, 2017 - 10:00am EDT

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