Custom 22k Gold Monogram White Heart Ring Dish

Modern Mud

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  •  Overview

    Your jewelry is an expression of you. From the ring passed down from your grandmother to the artisanal earrings your love bought you on that getaway you took together. Every piece is chosen for a reason and has a special place in your life. Hold all your jewelry in the place you hold your memories: the heart. 

    This heart ring dish can be personalized to match you. Add your initials or the initials of you and that special person. Give her a meaningful place to hold the pieces that mean the most to her. Every time she puts her rings on in the morning, she can't help but be reminded of you and what you mean to her. Connect the vein in her ring finger that runs from her heart to yours. 

    There is nothing more important then your memories. They define who you are. They reminded you where you came from. They shape the beautiful relationships in your life. You carry memories in every ring you wear and now your heart held memories can take shape and even more meaning with this monogrammed heart ring dish. 

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