Easy Weeknight Recipes to Make for Meatless Mondays

Eating healthy never looked so good.

Pink Food

photography by ALPHA SMOOT

Buttered Chanterelles
This surprising simple take on mushrooms boasts a well-developed depth of flavor that encompasses the bold notes of thyme, butter, and a sugar-vinegar saute. Serve this one on a bed of quinoa or rice for a well-balanced meal.  

photography by EGG SHOP

Roasted Beet Tzatziki Salad
This Mediterranean-inspired salad brings together a medley of exotic flavor pairings (beets and eggs, anyone?) and wows with its myriad of fresh ingredients. Whip it up for a hearty meal that won't leave you feeling like you've over-indulged. 

photography by JOHNNY MILLER

Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Pine Nuts, and Green Olives
Come fall, we simply can't get enough of Brussels sprouts, and Athena Calderone's recipe is no exception. Served with olives, pecorino cheese, and a dash of Aleppo peppers, this is one take on the veggie you won't want to miss. 


Fresh Ricotta Cavatelli 

Hand-rolled cavatelli, Sunday sauce, and fresh ricotta. Angeline's Chef Michael Symon's cherry tomato-drenched pasta is a must for the next time you're stuck in a recipe rut. 

White and Yellow Food

photography by ALPHA SMOOT

Lemony Lentil Stew
Packed with proteins, lentils make for an ideal substitute for meat. This lemon-ginger stew combines an array of fresh herbs and spices, from fennel to turmeric, resulting in a dynamic dish that's full of hearty flavor.


White Food

photography by ALPHA SMOOT

Pink Spaghetti

Pasta night is always a good idea, and one that comes with a pink variety simply goes without saying. We can thank beets for the bold color of this dish, which comes paired with ricotta, fresh basil, and walnuts.


Spring Quiche
Quiche for dinner? We surely won't be passing on this refreshing green version from chef Anna Harrington, which boasts a surprising array of rich flavors. 

photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

Roasted Butternut Squash Tartines
A seasonal spread of roasted butternut squash sit on whipped ricotta and fresh arugula, and come topped with a spicy mix of toasted pepitas. These open-faced tartines are way more filling than they look. 

Black and Blue and Purple Food

photography by CHRISTINA HOLMES

Onion & Wild Herb Flatbread

Easy weeknight meals (that don't come out of a frozen package) are possible. This green-friendly flatbread is only proof. Keep frozen pizza dough in the freezer and garnish with toppings of your choice for a quick and easy mid-week treat.

photography by 1901 AT ACEBOUNCE

The Little Stinker Casserole by Chef Rick Gresh of 1901 at AceBounce

If the photo itself isn't enticing you to make this, we don't know what would. Decadent layers of potato, cheese (cheese, and more cheese), and a breadcrumb topping complete this utterly dreamy dish.

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Published on October 23, 2017 - 10:15am EDT

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