Marie Kondo Wants to Tidy Up Your Home (on TV!)

Here's how to snag a spot on her upcoming show.

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Calling all organizationally-challenged people: Your chance to take control of your disheveled home has officially arrived.

Since the launch of her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, decluttering extraordinaire and master cleaner Marie Kondo has become somewhat of an international tidying phenomenon. For first-timers who have yet to enjoy the art of “Kondo-ing” (yes, that’s a real thing now), the organization pro’s revolutionary KonMari Method encourages mindfulness, optimism, and cherishing items that spark joy—while letting go of the belongings that don’t.

Offering wise advice on all things happy living with her renowned ‘tidying up’ guide and it’s insightful illustrated counterpart, Kondo has continued to make a name for herself as a leading organizing expert. Now, the guru wants to bring her tidying skills to TV with a brand new series where she’ll transform people’s homes IRL for the world to watch.

The home improvement queen recently took to Instagram to announce the news. “I will be bringing the life-changing magic of tidying up to a brand new series for a global TV platform! On this new series, I will be working with people to transform their home and spark a personal transformation,” wrote Kondo of the show, which is tentatively titled Organize the World with Marie Kondo.

Are you a full-time litterbug? Do you consider yourself completely clueless when it comes to folding your things? Then this is your chance to finally change your cluttered spaces for the better (and also claim your five minutes of fame)—but, there’s a slight catch.

While there are plenty of homes across the US that are likely in serious need of a little TLC, the show will be starting small on the West Coast. Potential cast members must live in the Los Angeles area and be 18 or over to be considered for the series. So, until the inevitable success of the show’s first season inspires producers to take the show on the road, the rest of us will have to stand by and patiently watch as Kondo organizes her way through LA.

Don’t live in sunny SoCal but know someone who does? Luckily, you can still nominate a friend or family member you think could benefit from Kondo’s endless wisdom. MysticArt Pictures is set to produce the show, which will film between March and June, 2018. To nominate a friend or sign up yourself, you can apply for the show and learn more about the casting process here.

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Published on December 05, 2017 - 2:00pm EST

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