Maggie Louise Confections

For the first half of my life, I lived in a world of pre-packaged grocery store treats with basic brown wrappers.  I was happy and my naive sweet tooth was satisfied.  Then, my candy universe changed.  Between my college studies in Europe, my years of living in New York City and my classical training at Le Cordon Bleu, my earlier notions of candy unraveled.  A whole new class of delicate, museum-worthy treats revealed themselves and I was in love.  

While I worshiped the opulent beauty of boutique-style chocolates and candies, I longed for the flavors found in the treats that I enjoyed growing up in Indiana and that fueled my late night studies at Harvard Law School years ago.  I wanted modern, chic candies that tasted like my memories. And just like that, Maggie Louise Confections was born.  

Countless hours of research and testing later, I launched Maggie Louise Confections in the Fall of 2013.  My passion for creating beautiful, delicious chocolates and candies and sharing them with the world is the foundation of Maggie Louise Confections.  Each gorgeous piece is lovingly hand-crafted in Austin, Texas, from the finest ingredients and designed to dazzle.  There is not a basic brown wrapper in sight.