Designer Lisa Marie Fernandez Dishes on Traveling to Exotic Places

Plus, she shares her go-to dinner party ideas.

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photography by CAMERON JORDAN

You know a swimsuit is perfect when it makes you want to immediately grab a towel and get under an umbrella stat. And this year, the swimwear doing the trick is fun, colorful, geometric, and bold. But a great suit deserves a great destination, so in this three-part mini series, we talk to some of the most beloved swim designers to discuss the best parts of summer, besides sun and surf: travel and entertaining. We chatted with Mara Hoffman about her recent trip to Costa Rica, and now editor-turned entrepreneur Lisa Marie Fernandez shares her travel tips and favorite destinations.

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photography by CAMERON JORDAN

My most favorite place I have ever traveled to is: I have many favorites so it’s difficult to choose only one, but I would say Jose Ignacio, Patmos, Greece, and Marrakech.

These are my most favorite places because: I love places that are exotic, remote, hot, and sunny.

The last trip I took was to: Topanga, CA (pictured in the lead image during a dinner at her home in May).
My favorite thing I saw was: The most incredible sunrises and sunsets.
The most essential things I packed were: Dresses! But also, LMF, Vita Kin, and my Uruguayan blankets.
The next trip I want to take is: Beirut.
A good host is: Someone who creates an experience for the guests and has interesting ideas to see and do.
My favorite thing to serve when throwing a dinner party is: A Mediterranean menu including pasta and tagliata.
My go-to bathing suit for Jose Ignacio and the beach bag I would pair with it is: Our Mira marigold bonded flounce maillot and Antonello Tedde’s Capriccioli medium cotton tote.

This story is part of our special 100 Days of Summer series. You can find more tips and fun ideas here.

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Published on July 05, 2017 - 7:45am EDT

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