Red Obsession

The Parisian bars, sultry films, and natural wonders inspired by this daring hue have us seeing red (in a heart-eye emoji kind of way). Here's our ultimate guide to the color.

 Red Obsession Hotel Particulier
Photography by Hôtel Particulier (Le Très Particulier bar)

Racy and vibrant, red symbolizes power and passion. In other words, no one puts this color in the corner—or if you do, it will take over the whole room anyway. Red revs up the appetite and stirs strong emotions, so add a splash of crimson to your space if you need more energy flowing around—along with good luck; the fiery hue equals good fortune in many cultures. A bright red lip is an instant face refresher, or go bold and try a red lightbulb in the bathroom for an arty, darkroom vibe. According to Sleepy Jones creative director Katie Hatch, “Red has a special place in my heart. When I went through my first mid-life crisis, I became obsessed with Jack White, who reminded me of the power of color—especially red. After I watched all the available White Stripes videos, I started wearing all-red outfits. And you know what? It is a power move. I return to that idea whenever I need an extra boost,” she says.

Red Obsession where to eat collage
Photography by Meghan McNeer (Russian Tea Room); Hôtel Particulier (Le Très Particulier bar). Credits clockwise from bottom right. Design by Phuong Nguyen

Where to Eat
The places to soak up your favorite palette, from a Manhattan dining institution to a chic Parisian bar.
Russian Tea Room, New York City
Le Très Particulier bar in Hôtel Particulier, Paris

Book This Stay
Dreamy color moments to surround yourself in.
Madonna Inn, California
Chateau Castigno, France

 Red Obsession San Antonio Public Library
Photography by David Keith via Flickr (San Antonio Public Library)

Visit Here
Red-hued places to spice up your travels.  
Electric Cinema, London
Palais Garnier, Paris
San Antonio Public Library, Texas
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Explore These Natural Wonders
Go outside to get your red fix.
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Red Beach, Panjing, China
Red Rocks, Sedona, Arizona  

 Red Obsession city spots
Photography by Katie Hatch (telephone); Calibas via WikiCommons (Golden Gate Bridge); Gary Knight via Flickr (Electric Cinema). Credits clockwise from bottom right. Design by Phuong Nguyen

Press Play
Put these jams on repeat for the color-inspired soundtrack to your life.
“Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Red” by Taylor Swift
“Made In The Shade” by The Rolling Stones

Inspirations on Film
Recreate sets from these cinematic wonders.
The Woman in Red
The Red Shoes
Flight of the Red Balloon 
Three Colors: Red
The Red Desert
Valentino: The Last Emperor
American Beauty 
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (yep, that darkroom scene)

Get the scoop on our favorite pink spots from across the globe. 

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Published on February 17, 2017 - 8:00am EST

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