This Lego-Like Smart Planter Is Perfect for Small Spaces

This is how you grow a garden indoors.

Photography by LEGROW

Small-space dwellers know all too well the hardships that come with attempting to grow a garden when limited square footage is involved. Enter LeGrow. A modular planting system that's entirely stackable, streamlined, and beautifully functional. 

Dubbed an "indoor garden ecosystem," the smart planter functions as a building block with LED grow lamps, humidifiers, and USB charging ports. The "grow" lights provide the appropriate levels of light, available in 6-hour increments, perfect for the longer winter months. The 360° Humidifier capability helps offset the otherwise harsh growing conditions that can arise in an air conditioned or heated space, providing the plant with enough moisture to flourish. 

Photography by LEGROW

Drainage holes at the bottom of the planter prevent leakage through an internal water reservoir that captures excess water. This means, you can safely set it on your furniture without running the risk of water damage. "The growing pots are standard-sized plant pots shaped as cubes. These cubes can act as LEGO blocks, allowing for owners to stack and expand their gardens into a variety of shapes and designs." (Winmart Design)

LeGrow launched via a Kickstarter campaign through Winmart Design, a Singapore based firm, and is available starting at $34. 

Published on April 28, 2017 - 1:00pm EDT

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