Turk Forged Criss-Cross Iron Fry Pan

Kaufmann Mercantile

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  •  Overview

    Anyone who’s ever eaten a properly cooked piece of cornbread can attest to the difference between cooking with iron and some regular old pan. An incredible retainer of heat, iron not only gets very hot, but stays very hot, which means it cooks evenly. For a pie, it means a superbly flaky, even-colored golden crust that isn't burned. For a filet of salmon, it means a perfect crispy skin and tender meat, every time (without smoking up your kitchen). This pan is also incredibly versatile, so you can safely toss it in the oven right after taking it off the stove. As you use iron pans, the flavors of the last meal you cooked are retained in the pan and as you cook a new dish, the fact that you're cooking it in iron adds flavor and texture to every meal. It's also much healthier to cook with than teflon or aluminum pans, which are treated with harmful chemicals. The iron that does make it into your food from the cast iron pan is natural and supplementary to your health.  Iron cookware requires little technology to produce, making it one of the most environmentally safe types of cookware available. 

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