in season: dill 
Not a gardener? Then start with the easiest herb – with the most gratifying rewards.
plant it:
Dill will grow nice and tall (up to three feet), so give it plenty of room. The largish seeds are easy to handle. Just tuck them six inches apart into the ground or a container. Sprouts will appear in a couple of weeks, and a month or so later you’ll have beautiful leaves to pick for salad. Like most herbs, dill likes bright sun but cooler temperatures, so it’s best to plant them now, before the summer heat kicks in. This herb self-sows, which means it’s likely to return on its own next year. I have a beautiful combination of dill with red orache (which has dark, spiky leaves) in my garden. I just let them get on with it from one year to the next. 

arrange it:
Acid green is a wonderful lightener and brightener to rich dark colors. An arrangement I love is dill blossoms in a small jug with dark-red sunflowers (dahlias work, too) and the matching crimson seedpods of Nigella hispanica. It’s the perfect delicious-smelling bouquet to set beside your bed.

eat it:
Check out one of our favorite summer recipes: Cucumber and dill salad
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