IKEA Hack: How to DIY the Nightstand of Your Dreams

Spoiler alert: it's budget-friendly chic.

photography by DOMINO

A bedroom wouldn't be complete sans a nightstand - and for those of us who choose to live within a perfectly minimalist space - it's a chance to usher in a bold pop of color or a decorative element of contrast. Looking to bring said details into a space of our own, we no doubt turned to IKEA for a little inspiration: a hack was in order! Focusing on the Nornas nightstand, our DIY entailed a bright splash of color and a handful of mod updates. Here's what we did!

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Nornas nightstand
Pretty Pegs, Arthur 135 legs
- Universal fitting plates
- Paint, two shades
- White spray paint
- Black, acrylic paint
- Paint brushes
- Painter's tape

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

By opting for a two-tone scheme, we established a dynamic sense of depth to the piece. We painted the outer sides of the nightstand in a single layer of Benjamin Moore's Pink Peony. This allowed the organic details of the wood to subtly show through, resulting in a rustic-esque finish. 

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

We painted the inner sides of the nightstand in Benjamin Moore's Tippy Toes, for a subtle yet complementary color contrast. 

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Spray paint the backboard using the white spray paint. Using a ruler, measure out 1-inch marks along the edges of the backboard, eventually connecting the marks, to form a grid.

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Wrap the tips of the peg legs using the painter's tape, and paint the top halves with a single layer of the lighter shade of pink. Once all of the pieces have thoroughly dried, assemble the nightstand according to the directions provided - with the exception of the legs.

Affix the Universal fitting plates to the bottom of the nightstand - refer to the directions provided along with the plates. Alternatively, you may simply drill a shallow hole into the bottom of the nightstand, and insert the peg legs into the holes using the hardware provided.

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK


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Published on December 15, 2016 - 5:00am EST

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