Ikea Just Bought TaskRabbit; Consider Your Furniture Assembly Handled

The Swedish giant is expanding its digital footprint.


photography by IKEA

Everyone knows that the worst thing about Ikea is building Ikea furniture, but you might not have to worry about that so much anymore: Recode confirmed today that the Swedish furniture giant just inked a huge deal to acquire TaskRabbit, a startup that already delivers and assembles its products.

TaskRabbit, which launched in 2008, is a freelance marketplace, where users can hire contracted workers to run errands for them—be it delivering a product, fixing a leak, or—yes—assembling your new kitchen cabinets. Even more interesting? TaskRabbit already has a deal with Ikea UK, where it offers fixed pricing for someone looking for help while putting together their new Ikea desk. And in the US, TaskRabbit actually has an option called “Ikea Assembly” on its app.

This deal is one of Ikea's first steps toward expanding outside of the home goods market and getting deeper into the tech world, likely trying to join the ranks of Amazon, which recently decided to try its hand at restaurant delivery. "The purchase of TaskRabbit was fueled by Ikea's need to bolster its digital customer service capabilities to better compete with rivals likes Amazon, which has stepped up its home goods and installation offerings," Recode reports. "The purchase is Ikea’s first step into the on-demand platform space." Ikea also recently launched of an augmented reality app

While it is currently unknown how much Ikea paid for the startup—which itself raised roughly $50 million since it was founded in 2008—one thing is clear: You might never have to deal with Ikea’s furniture-assembling guidelines ever again.

Source: Recode

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Published on September 28, 2017 - 2:25pm EDT

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