It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Redesign Your Home On Your Phone

Get to know Hutch, the newest app here to help.

Hutch Interior Design App
Photography by COURTESY OF HUTCH

We love apps and services that help you reimagine your space. One of those apps, Homee, recently relaunched with the new name of Hutch. While the app will still help you find new items for your home, but will be less focused on chatting with a designer and instead, more focused on the visual aspect of redesigning your home.

This is where it gets cool. After you upload a photo of the room you’re looking to fix up, it’s time to browse styles. The aesthetics Hutch offers range from Venice Boho to Avant Garde, Eclectic Chic, Warm Modern, and many more. You simply choose a style, submit the project, and a designer is assigned your redesign. Renderings are sent over back a few days later accompanied by shoppable product picks you can buy right then and there. Did we mention the app and service are free?

What’s extra fun about receiving the renderings is that you can apply the visuals of your new space like a filter onto your old room. You can also explore previous projects to see how designers applied specific styles to other rooms similar to your own.

See (and try!) for yourself at

Published on February 08, 2017 - 4:00am EST

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