Hubbardton Forge

When a talented design team comes together, true creativity thrives. When engineering can create the custom tooling needed for each design, unique products emerge. And when artisans handcraft each piece using a mix of tradition and technology, the possibilities are nearly limitless.
This is Hubbardton Forge.
A name that has become synonymous with handcrafted quality and beauty, Hubbardton Forge has been designing and crafting American-made, luxury lighting and introducing the world to the Art of the Forge for more than forty years. With a range of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, ceiling fixtures and lamps in styles ranging from traditional to transitional, modern to contemporary, or arts and crafts to industrial, Hubbardton Forge has continued to make products where the craftsmanship and skill clearly shows. When you look at a Hubbardton Forge lighting fixture, you’re seeing the artistic achievements of a team dedicated to design and a family of artisans who have collaborated to give you a piece of Vermont history that holds enduring value.