how to use a drill
It’s one of the most handy tools in your home.
Learn how to operate this easy-to-use tool in a matter of minutes. 
By: Daise Bedolla

select the bit.  Depending on your project and the material you will be working with, choose the correct type and size. If you are working with nails, pick a bit smaller than the shank of your nail. For screws, pick a bit that matches the diameter of the shank (not including the threads). 

insert the bit.  Insert the bit into the chuck, the holder at the front of the drill that accepts the bits. Make sure that your bit is completely seated and tightened completely. 

prepare to drill.  Turn the setting "to drill" keeping in mind that you can change the rotation direction if needed. Set the rotation clockwise to drill and drive screws, and set it counter-clockwise to remove them. You also have a torque adjustment at your disposal. If you're learning how to use a drill for the first time, you might want to start at the low setting, but if you need more power, use a higher one. Make sure to switch between settings depending on the hardness of the material you're using.

drill the hole.  Arrange the drill perpendicular to your surface and gently pull the trigger. Squeeze to accelerate the speed of your drill.
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