Photo: Photograph by Isager Ditte

How to Make Spring Flowers Last
Tulip lovers, have a little faith. Follow these tips for
keeping those springtime blooms, well, blooming.

growth potential. Different types of flowers have different
bloom times, so don't despair if your anemones are the first to
pass. Just toss out the dead blossoms, recut the remaining stems,
and create a smaller bouquet for another spot in the house.

for tulip fans. Tulips will "jump" as they take up water.
When making a tight arrangement, clip their stems
a bit shorter than you ultimately desire them to be.

clean routine. Replace the water every day or two so that bacteria
doesn't have a chance to flourish. Also, remove leaves that end up
below the waterline, to prevent rotting.

perfect peony. Of course you're inclined to reach for
the magnificent, oversized pink peony. Hold back. Buy peonies
when they're completely closed. They open almost immediately
and have a fleeting bloom, so you'll want to make the most of them!

senstive to scents. Avoid using especially fragrant flowers, such as hyacinths
and lilies, in dining table centerpieces, where their aromas will distract from
those of your meal. Instead place them in an entryway or on a mantel.

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