how to hang art like a pro
There are tricks to every trade. Cue the four trusted secrets for creating a compelling cluster.
lay it out Have on hand all the pieces you want 
to hang together (otherwise, it’s hard to envision how things will work in combination). arrange
 the art flat on the floor in front of the wall, and experiment with placement until you come up with a pleasing layout. Put large, bulkier pieces above small, lighter ones—if you don’t, it’ll look off-balance.

height and spacing You can go with your gut here, or for a foolproof arrangement on a blank (no furniture) wall, set the top of the lowest piece 
58 inches above the floor. As you add other artwork, leave two inches (or more—if you like that look) around each frame on all sides. If there’s furniture against the wall, try placing the bottom of the lowest picture 6 to 8 inches above the top of the piece.

hooks Always use two to keep the art stable. Unless you’re hanging something extremely heavy (more than 60 pounds), you don’t need anchors.

nail away The two hooks should be spaced about half the width of the frame (if the piece is 36 inches wide, space hooks 18 inches apart). Use a level to mark your two points before hammering.
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