You’ll Never Fry an Egg the Same Way Again

Watch this video for the the only technique you need.

 You’ll Never Fry an Egg the Same Way Again: the new technique you need to try!
Photography by THE MOMENT

When it comes to healthy recipes made with natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, The Moment always delivers (the site is also a go-to for beauty and wellness advice). Founder Laney Crowell has got you covered whether you’re looking for pantry essentials, a magical sleep tonic, or information on eggs.

"In my opinion, eggs are one of nature's most special treats,” says Crowell. “They're healthy, full of protein, and crazy delicious. When you eat a farm fresh, pastured egg, it feels like a true indulgence. Especially when topped with a little olive oil and flake salt."

Here, The Moment shares their special fried egg technique, which involves spooning olive oil over the egg to make the white crispy and deliciously browned.

Published on April 13, 2017 - 11:23am EDT

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