Photo: Brittany Ambridge

how to create a gallery wall
Robyn Pocker, owner of New York’s renowned J. Pocker & Son, schools domino’s Elaina Sullivan on arranging a far-out art assemblage.
1 First, lay everything you might want to consider out on the floor before hanging on the wall. You may decide to purchase additional photographs or artwork if the collection needs a bit more “body.”
2 If you’re having difficulty visualizing the spacing, mask out the arrangement with painter’s tape. You can then see if you’ll have enough height to adequately fill the space and make the wall “important” looking. TIP: Try to include a mix of vertical and horizontal works to fully occupy the wall.

3 For the sake of ease, start by hanging on the right side and move to the left. Use picture-hanging hardware (such as the OOK brand) or, alternatively, two nails for each piece, each hammered one third of the way into the wall. BTW: Download a level app on your phone to ensure your pieces won’t hang askew.
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