how to buy art: learn the lingo
Stumped? Not a chance. Use this handy cheat sheet before purchasing that print. 
Aquatint: A method of etching a printing plate so that tones similar to watercolor washes can be reproduced.
Engraving: The artist carves a line into a copper plate with a metal instrument called a burin. The engraved areas are filled with ink that, when pressed against paper, create the print.
Etching: The process used by artists such as Rembrandt, whereby acid etches a drawing into a copper plate. Similar to engraving, the ink is applied to the etched areas to make the print.
Lithograph: A flat surface (stone or metal) is treated to absorb or repel ink in the desired pattern. The paper-covered surface is run through a press.
Screen print: A stencil is placed
 on a fabric screen and ink is pushed through with a squeegee onto paper to render the image.
Iris print: A computer-generated image is printed by a large-scale ink-jet printer. The ink is dispersed by a print head in minute droplets that deliver a continuous tone image.
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