As you decorate, add flair to your home with artwork that matches your taste and personality. With endless choices and possibilities, finding unique and noteworthy art is only a matter of time and diligence.
Buying art can be an intimidating task, but with the right preparation and frame of mind, you can choose the perfect piece to complement your space and build your collection. Let us help you delve into the art world with these essential ideas.

do your research. First time buyer? Experienced shopper? Learning about the market is essential to knowing exactly what you are buying. Ask friends. Visit galleries. Wander through museums. Talk to collectors and consultants. When it comes to art, there is no such thing as being over prepared and overeducated.
set a budget. Setting a limit will help you find the right piece for the price. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to spend a little more than you had planned if you fall in love with an amazing piece. And before setting your budget, don’t forget to include hidden costs like framing, shipping, and insurance.
ask questions. Is the work part of a series? Is it a limited edition? Is it one-of-a-kind? What is the cost for similar pieces? If possible, talk to the artist. Learning about the artist’s background and the artwork’s meaning will add an extra dimension bound to make the piece even more personal and special.
consider investing. Art is personal but can also be an investment. Consider investing in new artists to catch an early wave of art. When investing, it is best to talk to a professional to prevent getting carried away and making the wrong choice. Learning about the process is the key to making a smart decision. Of course, be realistic about the return you expect to make later on, and don’t buy simply because you expect to make a profit. Respect, and above all, appreciate the piece you plan to buy.
keep function in mind. What are you looking to convey with your artwork? Are you trying to fill an empty space on your wall? Where do you plan on displaying it? As you search for the perfect piece, size and location are important to consider. For bathrooms and kitchens, perhaps you want to buy a print instead of an original as the humidity and oils can wear away at the paint. If you are looking into prints, buy from a small, signed set to add value to your purchase.
define what you love. While galleries and art dealers are eager to help, don’t feel pressured to buy a piece that you don’t absolutely love. Keep in mind the type of space that you want to create in your home and whether the artwork will add or detract from your tastes.
archive everything. As a rule of thumb, always document your purchase by storing invoices, receipts and certificates of authenticity. Especially if the artwork is an investment piece, your records will validate your purchase.

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