Hello, Miracle

Rainbow-bright colors make meaningful moments at the wedding of Jesse Chamberlin and Jimmy Marble.

hello miracle intro
Photography by MAX WANGER

Photographer Jesse Chamberlin has captured more than 500 weddings, so when she married creative renaissance man Jimmy Marble, she hoped to create something that she’d never, well, seen before. “We wanted to convey an overwhelming sense of love and joy through color and surprise,” Chamberlin explains.

hello miracle wedding partner
Photography by MAX WANGER

The couple set their sights on the Madonna Inn, the quirky landmark motel in San Luis Obispo, California, and let the venue’s kitschy, kaleidoscopic palette guide their decor decisions. “We tried to have a story behind each detail,” says Marble, who designed everything from the menus to the Do Not Disturb signs. The wedding invitations were tucked into fortune cookies, and the attire was equally original: The bride wore a Gucci floral jacquard gown with sequin embroidery, while the groom sported an arctic blue tuxedo.

hello miracle welcome card
Photography by MAX WANGER

A welcome card for guests; the bridal party forms a full spectrum.

hello miracle details
Photography by MAX WANGER

Color-coordinate even the smallest details. Gift bags and wedding favors all shared a palette: raspberryjalape ˜no “Jim Jam” made by Chamberlin’s cousin, crimson Hostess Twinkies, cherry-hued tasseled key chains, magenta cans of LaCroix, and hot pink tennis balls with the Hello Miracle tagline.

hello miracle kiss
Photography by MAX WANGER

The Marbles steal a kiss.

hello miracle ring
Photography by MAX WANGER

Chamberlin’s older son, Gracyn, gets ready for the big day.

 hello miracle madonna inn tennis court
Photography by MAX WANGER

Madonna Inn’s pink-and-blue tennis courts were the perfect backdrop for the wedding festivities.

 hello miracle tshirt
Photography by MAX WANGER

A guest shows off her custom T-shirt. The Marbles included a multicolored “What to Wear” mood board on their website for those wanting sartorial inspiration (for the wedding and beyond).

 hello miracle cocktail napkins
Photography by MAX WANGER

Make it personal—and meaningful. Cocktail napkins were printed with lines inspired from old love notes Marble wrote Chamberlin, and the bridesmaids were gifted oversize straw hats with lyrics from each of their favorite songs scrawled across the brims.

hello miracle balloons
Photography by MAX WANGER

To mark the end of their vows, 2,000 brightly hued balloons dropped from the ceiling of the bubblegum pink ballroom—preceded by a mariachi band leading the crowd outside for shots of mezcal to celebrate. For dinner, the tablescapes were illuminated with two dozen neon signs perched atop mountains of orange marigolds. The glowing messages—like “You Only Live Once”— perfectly sum up their wonder-filled day.

 hello miracle guests
Photography by MAX WANGER

Add color and unexpected scale to tablescapes with budget-friendly balloons. Guests were each given a balloon with their name and table number, which was then inflated and tied to their chairs. The floating place cards created a festive scene at the reception.

 Hello Miracle heart centerpiece
Photography by MAX WANGER

From the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces, marigolds were the only flowers in sight at the Madonna Inn. “We were inspired by the fields of marigolds at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur—and we used about 5,000 stems,” says Chamberlin.

Published on March 27, 2017 - 7:00am EDT

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