By: Blaire Brown
  Prepare for goosebumps at these spine-tingling estates this fall.
If you're in  
San Jose, CA...
Winchester Estate
Beware: You don’t want to get lost on this mansion’s tour. The never-ending construction of this 160-room house is not the only unsolved mystery here. Make your own conclusions about the oddities sprinkled throughout the house: the staircases that lead to dead ends, windows placed in the stair floorboards, and the frequent “13” pattern that appears throughout the estate. 

If you're in  
Newport, KY...
USS Nightmare
Nicknamed the “death dredge,” this spooky, historical steamboat endured a chilling history of sailor deaths in the 1930’s, including the captain that allegedly still walks the boat at night. Step aboard for a chilling experience on this legendary steamboat, if you dare!

If you're
in Delaware
City, DE...
Fort Delaware
Grab your history buff uncle for this paranormal tour. This state park once was a Confederate soldier prison and inhabits these spirits to this day. Or so they say. Want to find out for yourself? Paranormal tours confirm that this is no hoax.

If you're in 
New York, NY...
Merchant's House Museum
Not your typical day in the Big Apple. A looking glass into the 1800’s, this haunted house celebrates October with funereal decoration, a coffin procession to nearby New York City Marble Cemetery, and candlelight tour adventures.

If you're
in Ulster
Park, NY...
The Headless Horseman Hayride & Haunted House   
Leave your kids at home for this terrifying experience. Each corner you turn at this haunted acreage is guaranteed to make you scream. Spanning an entire 45 acres, The Headless Horseman estate includes 6 haunted houses and ongoing wagon rides that start every 2 minutes to bring the masses to this horrific, haunted land. From creepy motels to hospitals, every nightmare imaginable is covered. 

If you're
in Minooka,
Heap's Haunted Corn Maze
This is the ideal October outing for thrill-seekers and ghost story enthusiasts alike. Legend has it that the field is haunted by “the shredder,” a man that once owned the corn field and went insane. The last anyone heard of him, he disappeared with just a track of blood leading into the depths of the cornfields. To this day dogs refuse to approach the field, and neighbors have seen strange occurrences like mysterious lights and occasionally shredded cornstalks appear out of nowhere. The farm offers haunted corn mazes and a non-haunted moonlight hayride, making this Illinois countryside perfect for a creepy fall evening.

If you're in
know when to call it quits
Known as one of the most haunted towns in America, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is a step back in time equipped with cowboy presences and ghostly miners. Workers and guests alike at this saloon have seen numerous accounts of paranormal activity: doors opening, objects moving by themselves, temperature drops and shadowy figures meandering at the saloon. Aside from the haunted encounters, the saloon offers dining options and photo opportunities at this quirky landmark.

If you're in
St. Francisville, 
A Ghost Hunter's Dream
The Myrtle Plantation boasts a 218 year history of being haunted with countless stories passed down through generations of caretakers. Stories of late night footsteps creaking down the plantation’s stairs, reflections of ghosts in the hall mirror, and a lamp that moves by itself are all a part of the unexplained mysteries. Care to see for yourself? This historic antebellum-landmark accommodates guests at their bed and breakfast so you can see it before your own eyes.

If you're in
Fall River,
The famous axe murder suspect Lizzie Borden was let off the hook in 1892 for brutally killing her parents, and the case remains unsolved to this day. Today the residence welcomes visitors to stay the night where the crime took place.


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