This Venice Restaurant Brings Australian Cool to LA

Inside the most-talked about spot with the stylish interior we're coveting.


We've seen our fair share of well-designed coffee shops and restaurants, and as of late, it seems as if the sheer number of them have grown exponentially. The latest to join the ever-growing list is Great White, a Venice-based eatery that encapsulates Australia's highly-coveted design aesthetic. 
Dubbed as an eclectically healthy restaurant, Great White's interior boasts an understated finish with modern elements and abstract accents. LA-based art firm Tappan, commissioned artist Michael Wall to develop the eatery's custom wall art which would come to incorporate its unique design and style. Wall, who draws inspiration from minimalism and modernist, neo-geometric expressionism, pulled specific details from the decor to emulate in his work. 


The self-proclaimed "quick service" eatery entails the comforts of a local spot yet manages to emulate the laid-back lifestyle of the Down Under. "We want to provide a place for locals that brings them to the beach knowing they don’t have to leave, whether it’s a coffee and burrito in the morning after a surf, a quick break for lunch in between meetings, a long lazy weekend brunch," says the team behind Great White.

With its inspired array of decorative details, the cozy atmosphere will allow you to do just that.

Published on September 20, 2017 - 1:00am EDT

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