Handmade Walnut & Brass YO-YO With Bearing

Fat Girl Skinny Boy

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    A modern gentleman's skill, but also the indie scene of rock and roll.  Patrick rolls these on the lathe or press and then hand sands, polishes, oils, and constructs a crazy smooth bearing set that makes this the slickest YO-YO you've ever spun.  To protect and transport your YO-YO, Meridith stitches up a linen blend pouch cinched with a leather draw string and finished with an organic cotton tag. 
    These YO-YOs are made from Walnut lumber we found in an ad from our local penny shopper by an old man who cut down the tree here in Oklahoma back in the 60s. The lumber then moved with him to California, and later, back to Oklahoma, but never used. The wood is oddly red, and though there's a limited supply, I'm sure it will yield more YO-YOs than we could ever make. Now, get to walking the dog. 

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