Easy Decor Swaps to Prep Your Living Room for Fall

The low-commitment changes you can make, in time for the new season.

Pink and White and Wood Living room
Photography by SKYE PARROT

As summer inevitably comes to an end, we're surprisingly looking forward to the new season ahead. As the weather cools and we begin to embrace the colder months, decorative changes are in order. Taking cues from our natural surroundings, we rounded up a handful of easy ways you can get your living space in tip-top shape for fall. Here's how.

Brown and Orange and Taupe Living room

Cozy Textures
This one, essentially, should go without saying. Without fail, as the season gets colder, we look to the more durable textures to keep us warm and cozy. When it comes to your decor, it's safe to say that pieces such as statement seats and sofas will look significantly more complete with the addition of a few (or many) throw pillows, preferably within an eclectic array of decorative textures and shades in mind. 

Blue and White Living room

Fresh Shades
Give your window treatments a refresh with the new season in mind. While it may feel suitable to opt for heavier drapes and curtains, we're all for taking a rather untraditional route when it comes to dressing the windows. With daylight being limited during the colder months, there's no using in withholding the reserved amount of sunlight available by covering them up with heavy shades. Opt for sheer curtains that'll allow for maximum sunlight to seep through. 

Bronze and Brown and Taupe Dining room
Photography by JOY SOHN

Seasonal Flowers
It's about as low-committal as a decor swap could possibly get. Embrace a moodier palette (think reds and deep purples) when selecting florals on your next grocery store run or, take an edible approach by pairing an eclectic slew of fall fruits and veggies in an oversized, wooden bowl. Display this as an effortless ode to the new season. 

Blue Living room
Photography by SKYE PARROT

Wall Paint
Bring on the paint, a makeover is in order! If you're feeling tired of your current living room setup, switch things up with a fresh coat of paint. Albeit, this may be a relatively more high-commitment update than any other, it'll provide an equally impactive finish. In case you're having trouble settling on a hue, we took the liberty of rounding up the best paints for fall. You can thank us later.

Brown Living room

Woven Textures
Aside from the more softer pieces, there are a handful of design elements that will help you emulate the quintessence of autumn. Something as simple as a woven basket by the fireplace or sofa, can exude those cozy, cabin vibes—even if you're living within an exclusively contemporary space. 

Blue and Taupe Living room
Photography by JOY SOHN

Wall Art
Perhaps you've grown tired of your current gallery wall setup or, you're merely just looking to refresh a few pieces—swapping out art can go the distance in terms of decorative impact. Hit your local flea market or browse the web for a new piece. Perhaps, you may even consider embracing the new "stranger art" trend.

Gray and Yellow Living room
Photography by DANILO SCARPATI

Shorter days equate to less daylight and consequently, the opportunity to invest in more indoor lighting. While we're not suggesting a full-blown lighting refresh, a small table lamp or streamlined floor piece can go a long way in terms of providing your living room with an added touch of light. 

White Gallery Wall
Photography by AMBER MAY

Books, Books, Books
Give your coffee table a seasonal refresh by swapping out the current display. Not only will it be a welcomed change but, it'll inspire you to switch up the pieces that are currently (and most possibly) collecting dust on your bookshelves. Embrace a new aesthetic and experiment with unique decorative elements. 

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Published on August 24, 2017 - 12:00pm EDT

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