Facebook’s NYC Office Is Perfect For The $280 Billion Company

Take a look inside Facebook’s colorful (and huge!) Manhattan office.

 facebook offices white room with hightop table
Photography by SARAH JACOBS

Year after year, Facebook’s company culture lands them on the top of the charts for the best places to work. But inside the mega-tech company’s hallowed (and colorful!) halls also seems like quite a treat. Business Insider recently took a full-blown tour of the $280 billion company’s Greenwich Village office.

It’s a nontraditional office space, to say the least, featuring an in-house pastry chef, a “Facebook Wall” full of thousands of signatures, and the famous “tiny office” where celebrities and business leaders take advantage of the Instagram opportunity. We don’t blame them--you know we love a small space, too.

Speaking of Instagram, a contingent of the app’s staff also works in the Manhattan office, along with almost 1,000 of Facebook’s 16,000-person staff. The Frank Gehry-designed office features an open-layout, which is ideal for an in-house staff of this size. But just in case you get lost in the massive space, don’t worry. There are screens throughout the office so you can type in an employee’s name and locate their desk. You’ve gotta spend that social media money somehow...

To see more about the many amenities (and a few oddities!) of Facebook’s New York offices, head to Business Insider.

Published on November 17, 2016 - 3:00pm EST

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