New Way To Waste Time: Facebook Is Letting You Play Games In Messenger

Pacman, anyone?

 facebook instant games pacman

photography by FACEBOOK

Facebook just took instant messaging to a whole new level. While chatting with your pals in Facebook Messenger, you can now challenge them to a bout of Pacman, Galaga, or Brick Breaker, among many other classic games.

The new venture, dubbed Facebook Instant Games, allows you to to play 17 different games within Messenger and News Feed. The cross-platform feature is available on both desktop and mobile, and keeps score of your game series if you’d like to have an ongoing battle of Words With Friends with your S.O.—or grandmother. (We know she’s got a Facebook, too.) Visit Facebook Games to find out more!

 facebook instant games messenger instant games video

photography by FACEBOOK

Published on November 29, 2016 - 6:00pm EST

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