Nine Ways to Decorate With Green

Fresh and clever ideas for bringing the color of the year home.

Green and White Living room
Photography by BOBBY & TIDE

As far as decorating with color goes, there are some of us who skew towards the saturated, while the rest prefer to take on a more minimalist approach. But every once in awhile, we come across a color trend that takes the design world by storm and forces us out of our comfort zones. This season, we’re infatuated with the lustrous shades of jade and its ever-changing tones. Here, just a few helpful ways to incorporate the color into your space, regardless of how much (or little) you’re looking to bring in.

For the Boho Chic
Simplicity is your thing, but you’re not afraid of a little color. Even if it happens to come in the form of a bold green sofa. In this whitewashed space, the delicate mix of natural elements coupled with a reserved color scheme result in a unique finish that is effortlessly approachable.

Black and Green Living room

For the Classical Meets Modern
For those with a little more traditionalism in mind, we’re all for reinventing the style with a slightly more moody overlay. In this classically cozy living room, a dark charcoal wall paint coupled with deep green furnishings prove that a lack of bright color does not have to compromise on the aesthetic.

Green and Pink and White Gallery Wall

For the Bright and Eclectic 
Don’t shy away from incorporating more than one vibrant shade into your space! Here, a deep emerald sofa pairs effortlessly well with the bright pink armchairs and the eclectic landing pad. An equally colorful gallery wall of prints establishes a playfully fitting backdrop that completes the design scheme of the area. Utilize shades of a similar or complementary color spectrum to keep the look cohesive.

Black and Green Living room
Photography by MARTINA GEMMOLA

For the Glam Minimalist 
Take to the walls with a paint in a relatively similar shade, though be sure to offset the look with a lighter floor color. Here, a checkered floor plan distracts the eye from the bold hues of the wall and sofa, accentuated by the sleek brass details and lively selection of potted plants.

Green and White Kitchen

Incorporate the Color in a Patterned Tile
A good backsplash in a vibrant shade can uplift even the dreariest of kitchens. Need proof? This light-filled kitchen features one seriously stunning, emerald green backdrop, coupled with bright copper accents and plenty of natural greens.

Green Wallpaper
Photography by @POPHAMDESIGN
Green Wallpaper
Photography by @POPHAMDESIGN
Green Living room

Take to the Walls With a Vibrant Splash of Paint
When it comes to integrating the green in the form of a wall paint, it’s important to consider the furnishings and general design scheme of the room, regardless of the aesthetic - traditional, modern, minimalist, or eclectic. Pair the wall paint with a bright floor - both whitewashed and light wood floorings will do - to downplay the depth of the dark green.

White Product Silo
Photography by MASQUESPACIO

The paint we're inspired by: Botanicus, Ralph Lauren Paint

Green and White and Wood Dining room
Photography by IDHA LINDHAG

Floors Need Love
Yes, it’s unconventional, but there’s no denying the chic perfection that is a bold green floor. Recreate the look by setting it against a light and bright design scheme with stained wood furnishings and the most subtle pops of color.

Green and White Kitchen

Consider These Tonal Pairings
Green and marble were made for one another. In this kitchen, a two tone finish is coupled with a white marble backsplash and sleek brass details, resulting in a glam-meets-modern finish that is pure sophistication.

Blue and Green and Red and White Living room
Photography by MASQUESPACIO

Pair the green with jewel tones in equally saturated shades. Layer on metallic accents of a brass, gold, or copper finish to elevate the look. For a significantly more subtle approach to incorporating the color into your space, utilize the shade in the form of decorative accents or plants, which you can layer on in.

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Published on February 19, 2017 - 5:00am EST

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