7 Creative DIY Planters to Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level

It turns out vintage and upcycled items make super pretty planters.

 creative diy planters


Did you know everything from a colander to a wheelbarrow can be turned into an eye-catching planter? All you need is a little creativity...and the right tutorials. Colorful containers are the perfect way to personalize your yard, deck, balcony, and patio. Ready to get crafty? Here, seven DIY planter ideas to transform your outdoor space this spring.

Colander Planter
Add a little cheer to your front porch with a trio of splashy colanders, filled with sunny blooms.

Chandelier Planter  
Purple paint—plus a bevy of petunia blossoms—turn this vintage claw foot tub into a work of garden-inspired art.

 creative diy planters

photography by BETTER HOMES & GARDENS

Trellis Vertical Container Garden
A large trellis with colorful containers is the perfect place to showcase hanging plants.

Paver Planter
A striped paver planter lends a beachy vibe to any backyard space—no matter how far the ocean.

Monogram Planter
Looking for a fresh and fun way to update your front entrance? Try a monogram planter, filled with bright blooms.

 creative diy planters

photography by GARDEN LOVERS CLUB

Wheelbarrow Planter
All you need is a yellow wheelbarrow and a large plastic container, and you’ve got yourself a fun and functional planter—that also holds your tools.

Chair Planter
Repaint an old chair, swap a seat for a coir-lined basket, adds some violets, and voila! A welcoming front porch planter.

Published on April 09, 2017 - 5:00am EDT

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